Private Personal Training

This will consist of a one-on-one personal training method.  This will include a fitness assessment and a fully customized workout program geared towards helping you to reach your individual needs and

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Small Group Training

This arrangement is meant for a group of people with similar goals who prefer to train with others.  It is less personalized than

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Custom-Designed Workout Plan

Each workout plan is totally customized for you to take anywhere.  Each plan is for 4 weeks.  This is perfect for people who want to workout on their own but aren’t sure what  

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Eric is an amazing trainer.  He is super knowledgeable and versatile too.  He cares about you as a client and gives his undivided time and attention to you.  I highly recommend him!

Shana Z

I have trained with Eric and had an amazing experience!  He is very good at motivating you and pushing for more.  I’ll admit…it’s not easy but worth the pain and gain!  I highly recommend Eric’s professional training services to someone who is willing to work hard!  “Keep your abs tight!” is his favorite phrase and hard to do!  Kudos to Eric!!!

Ashley M

Eric makes the experience so much fun!  He is very knowledgeable and knows how to tailor his workouts specifically to the person he is training and the goals that the person is trying to reach.  Great attitude and I would recommend him to everyone!

Obbie C

Energetic and knowledgeable of individual goals.  Great person as well!

Jacob W

Eric has helped my workouts evolve to a whole new level! I was feeling stuck in a rut with the same routines as not seeing results anymore. He took the time to understand my background and made recommendations based on the information I provided him with. I really appreciate that he didn’t use a cookie cutter method for my workout program!! If you’re looking for someone to push and motivate you, this is your guy!

Merna A

Eric is a great trainer. He took the time to understand what it was I wanted to work and focus on and created sessions that aligned with goals. He knew what muscle groups to focus on and how to alternate the muscle groups accordingly during different work out session.

Rodney C

Great trainer! My most recent goal was to gain 15lbs of muscle. Eric helped me reached this goal in 8 months. I have recommended his services to several friends and family members.

Blake H

Eric is a wonderful trainer! He pushed me to get to the gym, and when I was there he made it a fun workout! He brings a positive attitude, as well as a multitude of knowledge to the table. I really enjoyed working with him!

Haley A

Eric really personalizes the program in both intensity and pace to ensure they really feels the benefit of a personal trainer focused on on you as an individual. I have gained strength, flexibility and my golf game has improved!

John W

Eric has been the best trainer I’ve had! Not only does he make you work hard, but he makes it fun. He meets you where you are at, customizes his program to you, holds you accountable, and motivates you beyond believe. I lost inches and gained motivation to feel like I know what I’m doing at the gym. I definitely recommend him no matter where you are at your journey!

Cherish S