What kind of clothing should I wear?

-Anything that is comfortable to wear and move around in. Tennis shoes are recommended.

Do I need to be fit before starting an exercise program?

-No, you do not need to be fit but you need to be cleared by a physician prior to starting an exercise program.

Will you yell at us?

-No, we will not yell or verbally abuse our clients.

Do I need to own or buy any kind of fitness equipment?

-No, you do not need to buy any fitness equipment for us to train you.  We will bring our equipment with us to your location.

What is a fitness assessment and is it required?

-Yes a fitness assessment is required. It is a great way to evaluate your current fitness level and establishes a baseline prior to an exercise program.

Can I bring a partner to train with me?

-Yes you can! As long as the partner is cleared to exercise and signs a waiver.

Can you write me a meal plan?

-No, we do not write meal plans. Meal plans can only be done by registered dietitians only. We can only provide basic nutritional guidance.

How long does it take to reach my goals/results?

-Results varies per individual. We do not provide a quick fix. We provide a steady, and safe way to progressively reach your goals. If you work hard and stay committed to an exercise program and eat healthy you will most likely get results faster.

Do you take health insurance?

-No, we do not take health insurance.

What education and/or training do you have that relates you to your work?

-NASM Certified Personal Trainer

-NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

-NASM Weight Loss Specialist

-14 years of experience

What forms of payment do you accept?

-We accept Cash, Personal Checks, PayPal, and Credit Cards.

How can I book for an appointment or book a time slot?

There are three ways you can book a service with a trainer:

-Online Booking page

-Email or text the trainer.

-Book with the trainer in person.

What is the difference between individual training and small group training?

-Individual training focuses on you only and the program is designed based on your fitness assessment and individual goals in mind.  Small group training the program is geared towards the goals of the entire group and is not as personalized as private one on one training.

Do you have a studio and where are you located?

-We are a mobile personal training company.  We do not have a studio.  We travel to you!

Can you train me if I have health problems?

-Yes, as long as you are cleared by your physician to exercise.

What is your refund policy?

-All services / sessions are to be paid up front prior to booking.

-All programs must be paid in full and used in that 30 day (4-week program) or 60 day (8-week program) period based on which program a client chooses.

-No refunds given for missed sessions.

-No calls / no shows will be charged for the session.

-A 24-hour notice of cancellation is required in order to avoid being charged for a session.