Private Personal Training

This will consist of a one-on-one personal training method.  This will include a fitness assessment and a fully customized workout program geared towards helping you to reach your individual needs and goals.

It’s important to have a fitness assessment prior to beginning an exercise program.  Fitness assessments will allow the trainer to see if there are any muscle imbalances and see how the client naturally moves their body.

Rates: $70 per session

If a client prefers to train with a partner, the total price will be 1.5 times the cost of the session.
For example, for 2 people training together the total cost would be $105 ($70 for the original session plus $35 for the second person).  This results in each paying $52.50 rather than $70 each.

4-Week Program
8 sessions $65 per session
12 sessions $60 per session
8 Week Program
 16 sessions $55 per session
24 sessions $50 per session

Small Group training (A minimum of 3 persons is a must)

This arrangement is meant for a group of people with similar goals who prefer to train with others.  It is less personalized than a private one-on-one training, but suits those who prefer to train in a group.  A group of people can become fairly motivated by encouraging and supporting each other and feed off each other’s energy and boosting each other’s confidence.

Rates: $30 per person

Custom-Designed Workout Plan

Each workout plan is totally customized for you to take anywhere.  Each plan is for 4 weeks.  This is perfect for people who want to workout on their own but aren’t sure what to do.  This can also suit those who might be bored and want to try something new and challenging.  Each workout plan will be designed based on your goals, whether it’s fat loss, muscle building, or overall general health.

$99 per plan

Noteworthy Points

  • Each client must go through a fitness assessment.
  • Each client must sign a waiver before starting a fitness program.
  • All services/sessions are to be paid up front prior to booking.
  • All programs must be paid in full and used in that 30 day (4-week program) or 60 day (8-week program) period based on which program a client chooses.
  • No refunds given for missed sessions.
  • No calls / no shows will be charged for the session.
  • A 24-hour notice of cancellation is required in order to avoid being charged for a session.